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Trying to staff your business can be a real headache and time consuming. Who has time to sift through dozens of unqualified applicants? We pride ourselves in making staffing swift, effortless and cost‐effective.

With over 30 years of experience serving the community, Rock Solid Staffing was created after seeing the need for hard working, dependable employees and have been serving the greater Central Arkansas area for over 10 years. NO need is too great, or distance too far. We will go beyond the call of duty, to fulfill your expectations. We’ve now expanded our service areas to include NW Arkansas, Texarkana and El Dorado. We offer temporary or long‐term, flexible staffing solutions with a goal to make a real difference in your business.


Why choose rock solid staffing?

Our staff is knowledgeable, experienced and equipped with tools and technology to give your business the best chance for success. We personally acquire the sense of company culture at your business to make sure send only the perfect fit your way.


Our Services

  • Rapidly deliver multiple qualified applicants for you to choose from

  • Reduce employment‐related costs

  • Increase productivity and quality

  • Make better hires

  • Relieve administrative burdens

  • Stop the revolving door of turnover

  • Build a partnership with experts you can trust

  • Leverage our industry‐specific experience


Staffing Services
We go the extra mile to design solutions that deliver exceptional outcomes for your organization.

Temporary: Need an extra pair of hands? You can increase your workforce without adding to your overhead. We can provide you with reliable and productive employees to fulfill short or long-term projects.

Temp-To-Hire: We recruit, screen, and place qualified individuals, before even sending them your way, to meet your unique hiring needs. You only pay for our services if we fulfill your needs.

Direct Hire: Direct Hire positions are permanent, usually full-time positions with benefits. A direct hire position is one in which the client company utilizes the staffing company to find the talent, then hire them directly for a fee. A candidate offered a direct hire position is not an employee of the staffing company, but goes directly on the client company payroll.

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