Rock Solid

Interview Tips and Tricks

We conduct face to face interviews with all of our candidates, prior to sending them to a client for two reasons.

  • To get a feel of the person’s experiences, job qualifications, and personality

  • To determine their interviewing skills, and how we can assist our candidates present, or ‘sell themselves’ in the most marketable way possible.

We understand that interviewing can be uncomfortable and unnerving for a lot of people. Everyone who has a job interview coming up is anxious to get the real job interview tips that will put them over the top and allow them to be the best candidate in the eyes of the hiring manager.

So where are you supposed to look? How do you get the best interview tips?
You can easily find the people who will tell you to “dress nicely” and suggest that you “tell them you’re a perfectionist“, but this is the 21st century, and the run‐of‐the‐mill tips for interviews are not going to cut it anymore.

We at Rock Solid Staffing makes sure you have all of the tools for success that you will need with our clients, and at future job opportunities.